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BetaShares launches Global Sustainability Leaders ETF (ASX: ETHI)

17 Jan 2017

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Global Sustainability Leaders ETF (ASX: ETHI), the first global equities ETF available on ASX that uses a broad set of ethical eligibility screens. 

ETHI invests in 100 large global stocks from developed market countries (excluding Australia) that are climate change leaders. In addition, ETHI uses a broad set of ethical eligibility screens to remove companies that have exposure to fossil fuels, gambling, tobacco, armaments, human rights concerns and other activities deemed inconsistent with responsible investment best practice.

For more information visit the ETHI product page, or download the factsheet.


Download the updated BetaShares Agricultural Whitepaper

18 Nov 2016

Our popular educational whitepaper “The How and Why of Investing in Agriculture” has been refreshed by Chief Economist, David Bassanese, and is now ready to be downloaded.

In this updated whitepaper we explore the increasing global demand for agriculture commodities and why this sector may be considered to be a key ‘secular’ growth industry.

Click here to request your copy.

BetaShares launches Australian Ex-20 Portfolio Diversifier ETF

10 Nov 2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newest fund, the BetaShares Australian Ex-20 Portfolio Diversifier ETF (ASX: EX20).

EX20 aims to track the performance of an index which provides exposure to approximately 180 stocks listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, ranked from number 21 to number 200, based on their market capitalisation.

The Fund offers a simple, cost-effective way to diversify and complete an Australian equities portfolio, and reduce portfolio concentration to individual securities and market sectors.

BetaShares announced as the 2016 ETF Fund Manager of the Year

07 Oct 2016

We’re delighted to have been announced as the ‘ETF Fund Manager of the Year’ at the Professional Planner & Zenith Fund Awards, held on Friday 7th October.

The annual awards are based on Zenith’s renowned fund manager review and rating process, which focuses on nine key aspects of a fund manager’s philosophy, process and people.

BetaShares launches ETFs to track the global healthcare and global agriculture sectors

09 Aug 2016

We are proud to announce the launch of two new funds in the Global Sector Series – BetaShares Global Healthcare ETF – Currency Hedged (ASX: DRUG) and the BetaShares Global Agriculture Companies ETF – Currency Hedged (ASX: FOOD).

DRUG aims to track the performance of an index comprising of 60 of the largest global (ex-Australia) healthcare companies.

FOOD aims to track the performance of the largest global agricultural firms outside of Australia.

Both DRUG and FOOD are hedged into Australian dollars with the aim of eliminating the impact of currency fluctuations on portfolio performance, making the two ETFs unique in the Australian market.

BetaShares adds to Global Sector Series with Gold Miners and Banks ETFs

03 Aug 2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of two new funds in our Global Sector series – BetaShares Global Gold Miners ETF – Currency Hedged (MNRS) and BetaShares Global Banks ETF – Currency Hedged (BNKS)

MNRS aims to track an index comprising of 40 of the largest global (ex Australia) gold miners. At end-June 2016, this index had a combined market capitalisation of $A308 billion – significantly more than the combined value of the gold miners available on the Australian stock exchange, which had a value of $A25 billion.

BNKS aims to track an index comprising the largest global (ex Australia) banks by market capitalisation, offering exposure to 60 of the world’s most important banking powerhouses including JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and HSBC.

BetaShares Tax Guide 2016

18 Jul 2016

The 2016 BetaShares Tax guide for its exchange traded funds has been released. The Tax Guide has been prepared for an Australian resident individual investor in a BetaShares Exchange Traded Fund. It contains general information to assist you in completing your 2016 Tax Return.

Download the guide here.

BetaShares launches Australia’s first global energy companies ETF – ASX: FUEL

24 Jun 2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of Australia’s first global energy companies ETF which will trade under the ASX code FUEL.

FUEL provides simple, cost-effective and transparent exposure to the largest companies in the global Energy sector such as Exxon, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, BP and Total. The fund is hedged to the Australian dollar, which substantially removes the impact of currency fluctuations from the Fund’s investment performance.

FUEL is the first fund launch from BetaShares’ Global Sectors Series – a family of ETFs designed to provide investors with exposure to some of the world’s most important industry sectors. The other funds, to be launched in the coming months, track leading global companies across agriculture, healthcare, gold and bank (ex Australia) sectors, respectively.

BetaShares launches Australia’s first European and Japanese currency hedged ETFs

16 May 2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of Australia’s first currency hedged European and Japanese equity ETFs on the ASX.

BetaShares WisdomTree Europe ETF – Currency Hedged (ASX: HEUR) and BetaShares WisdomTree Japan ETF – Currency Hedged (ASX: HJPN) provide access to strategies used by existing WisdomTree ETFs, which have proven to be some of the most popular with investors overseas.

WisdomTree’s Europe ETF, which is hedged to the US dollar, was ranked the number one ETF globally for net inflows in 2015, with over US$13 billion inflows throughout the year. Wisdom Tree’s Japan ETF currently has ~US$9B in assets under management.

HEUR and HJPN aim to provide exposure to the European and Japanese equity markets respectively, hedged to Australian dollars. The ETFs will provide exposure to globally competitive companies that are well placed to benefit from growth in international trade and the potential ongoing reliance by the European and Japanese economies on exports and currency weakness to sustain economic growth.