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Investor FAQs


What are Distribution Reinvestment Plans?

A Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) allows investors in a Fund to take some or all of their distributions in the form of additional units rather than cash.



Are DRPs available on BetaShares funds?

Many BetaShares Funds allow investors to participate in a DRP – this information is available in each Fund’s product disclosure statement (PDS) or on the Fund’s product page on our website.


Updating contact details/ enquiring about your investment

If you would like to update your contact details, enquire about distributions, tax statements, the size and value of your investment, electing to participate in the DRP (if available), or anything else regarding your investment, contact Link Market Services, the unit registrar for all BetaShares funds.

About BetaShares

BetaShares is a leading manager of ETFs and other Funds which trade on the ASX. Since our launch in 2010, BetaShares now offers the broadest range of exchange traded products in Australia, click here to view our full range.