BetaShares Leading Australian ETF Manager | Overview

BetaShares is a leading Australian fund manager specialising in exchange traded funds (ETFs) and other Funds traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Since launching our first ETF more than a decade ago, BetaShares has grown to become one of Australia’s largest managers of ETFs.

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of Australian investors, BetaShares offers cost-effective, simple and liquid access to the broadest range of ETF investment solutions available on the ASX, covering almost every asset class and investment strategy.

  • Over $22 Billion AUM

  • 60+ Funds

  • Trusted by hundreds of thousands of Australian investors

BetaShares’ History

Since our establishment in 2009 and the launch of our first ETF on the ASX in 2010, BetaShares has achieved numerous milestones and firsts for the Australian ETF industry.

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Our approach to Responsible Investing

Responsible investing has come of age, with more investors than ever insistent that their money is invested in a way that aligns with their values.

BetaShares is committed to making a positive impact and influencing change at a corporate level by engaging with companies and proxy voting. We’re also the leader in Ethical ETFs, with our ethical range providing investors with true to label exposure and employ some of the most stringent screening criteria in the market.

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