Benefits of investing in ETFs

Greater control

ETFs offer exposure to a wide range of asset classes, giving an SMSF trustee many options when implementing retirement planning and wealth-building strategies. In addition, using ETFs can simplify ongoing portfolio management.


Most ETFs disclose their holdings on a daily basis, making it easy for an SMSF trustee to understand and monitor what is in their portfolio. They also provide clear proof of ownership of assets, which can be made available to SMSF auditors and the ATO.

Cost effective

ETF fees are typically much lower than those of traditional unlisted actively managed funds. Using ETFs to invest in a portfolio of shares is also generally more cost-effective than making individual share trades.

Tax effective

Most ETFs aim to track an index, so turnover tends to be lower than for traditional actively managed funds. Lower turnover means fewer tax events, and typically has a positive effect on after-tax performance.


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