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Upcoming webinars

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In response to the rapidly changing environment we have scheduled a regular series of webinars to keep you informed on the economic and market conditions as well as to share some best practice information for investing in ETFs.

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The key questions to ask your fixed income manager

Date: 23 July 2020, 12:00PM – 12:45PM (AEST) | CPD Accredited

The merits of fixed income as a portfolio diversifier have been starkly illustrated over the last few months, with an allocation to high-quality bonds helping to mitigate some of the losses in the equity component of investment portfolios. However, it has also been evident that not all fixed income exposures are created equal.

In this financial adviser and institutional investor-only webinar series, we focus on this highly topical asset class. The webinar will be presented by Chamath De Silva, Senior Portfolio Manager, and Vinnie Wadhera, Executive Director – Institutional & Adviser Business.

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Quarterly economic and market update

Date: 17 September 2020 | Time: 11:00AM – 11:45AM AEST

Register your interest for our upcoming webinar with BetaShares Chief Economist, David Bassanese, for a discussion of the latest economic and market developments. David will review the economic themes in local and global markets and relevant investment opportunities.

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There are currently no webinars scheduled. Please check back for future webinars. Watch previous webinars here.


There are currently no webinars scheduled. Please check back for future webinars. Watch previous webinars here.

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