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Tax guide

Each year we publish a guide to help investors prepare their Australian tax return in relation to their Betashares investment.

Annual tax statements

If your Betashares investment has paid a distribution during the last financial year, an annual tax statement will be issued. You may receive your statements separately if you invest in multiple funds.

Statements are now available via Link Market Services’ Investor Centre.

ETF Distributions – FAQs

AMIT Framework

ETFs are structured as a form of a pooled unit trust structure in which investors may purchase units in order to get exposure to the underlying assets held by the unit trust.

In 2016, the Federal Government made changes to the income tax applied to pooled unit trusts. The responsible entity of a trust can choose to apply what are known as the attribution rules in Division 276 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (ITAA 1997) to become an Attribution Managed Investment Trust (AMIT).

Betashares has an intention to elect all our funds to be governed by the AMIT rules, where eligibility criteria are met. Below are some FAQs that help to explain what the AMIT rules mean for you as an investor in one of our funds.


TOFA - Taxation of Financial Arrangements

TOFA stands for “Taxation of Financial Arrangements” and came into effect on 1 July 2010. The intention of the TOFA rule is to deal with the gains and losses arising from financial arrangements to better align the tax outcome with the commercial and accounting outcomes. Generally, it is expected that the application of TOFA rules will effectively spread the gains and losses, as appropriate, over the life of a financial arrangement in most cases.

Betashares is not a tax adviser.  This information should not be construed or relied on as tax advice and you should obtain professional, independent tax advice specific to your personal circumstances before making any investment decision.

The payment of distributions from Betashares Funds is not guaranteed.  The amount of a distribution paid by a Fund may vary from period to period, and there may be periods when a Fund will not pay a distribution.