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1. About Betashares funds: What is an ETF?

An exchange traded fund (ETF) is an open-ended investment fund, similar to a traditional managed fund, but which can be bought or sold like any share on the ASX. Most ETFs aim to closely track the performance of an index or underlying asset, and seek to provide the returns of that index or asset – less any fees and costs.

2. What are the benefits of ETFs?




3. What are the types of investment strategies and asset classes available as ETFs?

Understanding different types of investments or asset classes and their characteristics is an important first step when deciding how to set up your investment portfolio. Get an overview of the difference between active and passive investing, the major asset classes and their characteristics.

4. How do I invest in ETFs?

Investing in a Betashares ETF is as simple as buying or selling any share on the ASX.

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