How to register

After you’ve made an investment with Betashares, you’ll need to register with Link Market Services and set your communication preferences to receive email notifications when information about your investment is issued.

There are no costs involved to register with Link Market Services, and it’s fast and easy to do.

Set-up instructions can be found in:

  • the welcome letter sent to you from Link Market Services
  • the set up guide, or by downloading the guide by clicking on the link below.

Set up guide:

  1. Visit the Link Investor Centre homepage
  2. Under “Single Holding Login”, enter details in the following sections:
    • Issuer name
    • HIN
    • Postcode
  3. Click log in.

After you’ve logged in, set your communication preferences to electronic to receive ongoing information about your investments via email.

Expand the sections below for further information on where to find the issuer name, your HIN and postcode.

Updating Communication preferences to email

Ensure you stay up-to-date with your investments by receiving notifications via email.

1. Log into your Link account

2. Click the ‘Communications’ tab

3. Click ‘Preferences’

4. Check ‘All communications electronically’

5. Select or enter the relevant email address

6. Click ‘Next’

Note: Relevant communications are sent to your Link account by default. Paper-based correspondence is not issued.  We encourage investors to be mindful of the environmental impact of paper-based communications, however you can request to receive paper-based correspondence if desired by making this election on the ‘Communication Preferences’ tab.

Alternatively, Betashares is happy to assist investors who wish to elect to receive electronic communications.

Information you will receive from Link Market Services about your investment

For as long as you are invested in a Betashares fund, you will receive:

  • Distribution statements – if the fund has paid a distribution
  • Annual statements – detailing the investment balance, transactions, and management costs paid during that period
  • Tax statements – if your investment has paid a distribution during the financial year

If you sell your entire investment, you will receive an exit statement.



Understanding Distribution Reinvestment Plans (DRP)