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Passage to India

Reading time: 4 minutes Due to its relatively strong economy, India’s share market has not only been one of the best performing among emerging markets in recent years, but also the world. As this note will demonstrate,  India continues to offer both an alluring growth opportunity and useful source of added diversification for Australian investment

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BetaShares Australian ETF Review – July 2019

Reading time: 4 minutes MULTIPLE RECORDS TUMBLE AS THE SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR STARTS WITH A BANG! The Australian ETF industry experienced rapid, and record-breaking growth this month, benefiting from both high net flows and positive market movements. July 2019 was truly a month where records tumbled, with all-time records broken for: total funds

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Market Trends: August 2019

Reading time: 5 minutes Key Market Trends – bonds still driving equities There were more modest moves in global financial markets over July, with earlier aggressive expectations of US Federal Reserve interest rate cuts tempered somewhat by signalling from the Fed. US-China trade tensions also continued to linger while markets braced for the Q2 US

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Investing for income

Investing for Income

Reading time: 5 minutes According to a Bloomberg report from June 2019, more than 20% (or US$11 trillion worth) of the investment-grade bonds on issue worldwide were trading at negative yields. In other words, investors buying these bonds know that if they hold them to maturity, they will receive cashflows over the life of the

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The search for global quality

Reading time: 3 minutes Market cap-weighted share indices can tend to overweight overvalued stocks and underweight undervalued stocks. Investing based on quality, on the other hand, does not consider a stock’s market capitalisation – rather it applies certain quality factors. This approach aims to produce superior performance to market cap-weighted indices, and arguably best demonstrates

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Boris, backstops and Brexit: is the U.K.’s FTSE-100 a value opportunity?

Reading time: 5 minutes The election of Boris Johnson as the U.K.’s new Prime Minister has heightened Brexit concerns.  As this note will demonstrate, however, these concerns have already been at least partly priced into the U.K.’s FTSE-100 Index – and perhaps unduly so given the global orientation of its most highly-weighted companies.  Exposure to

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Global ETF Review Q2 2019 - fixed income

Global ETF Review Q2 2019: Fixed income stretches lead

Reading time: 3 min As 2019 reaches its half-way point, we have seen a continued and marked preference by investors for passive strategies at the expense of actively managed strategies, along with an overall preference for investing via the ETF structure. Overall U.S. ETFs received ~US$56B of net inflows versus outflows in traditional managed funds

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Aus government bonds

3 reasons to invest in long duration government bonds

Reading time: 5 minutes There are at least three reasons why it may make sense to have some exposure to government bonds in your portfolio. And in this regard, relatively long “duration” government bonds – such as through the newly launched BetaShares Australian Government Bond ETF (ASX Code: AGVT) – potentially offer the most advantageous

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