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BetaShares Australian ETF Review – September 2019

Reading time: 3 minutes INDUSTRY BLASTS PAST THE $55B MILESTONE Buoyed by the equity markets, which came roaring back in September after a difficult August, the Australian ETF industry broke through the $55B funds under management milestone last month, ending September at an all-time high in terms of funds under management of $56.2B. Based on

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Global robotics

The Rise of the Robot: How Robotics are changing the face of the labour force

Reading time: 3 minutes We are becoming more accustomed to the presence of robots in our daily lives, whether that be through automated vacuums or the involvement of robots in completing our online shopping purchases – robots are moving to the mainstream. However, have you thought about how they are shaping the way we work?

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Market trends - October 2019

Market Trends: October 2019

Reading time: 3 minutes Key Global Trends – bond yields snap back Trend signals for major markets remained unchanged last month.  Though they remain in a sharp downtrend, global bonds yield finally bounced last month as the US and China agreed to resume trade talks and the US Federal Reserve indicated it might not need

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investing for income in a low interest rate environment

Investing for Income in a Low Interest Rate Environment

Reading time: 10 minutes With interest rates at historic lows, investors who rely on cash or government bonds for income returns are having a harder time making ends meet. For risk-conscious investors, the good news is that there is a range of innovative cash and fixed income investment exposures on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

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ASX Investor Days

BetaShares presenting at the ASX Investor Days

We’re pleased to be associated, once again, with the 2019 ASX Investor Day series and Adviser Workshops to be held during November in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. This is an opportunity to hear from a number of experts and improve your investment knowledge. BetaShares Chief Economist, David Bassanese, will be sharing his views on asset

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ex20 - australian stocks

Less is more. Is removing the largest 20 stocks EXactly what you’ve been looking for?

Reading time: 3 minutes Statistically speaking, most active managers of broad-based Australian equity funds have failed to beat their benchmark. The table below, taken from the SPIVA report from S&P Dow Jones, illustrates that just under 80% of actively-managed Australian equity funds underperformed their benchmark over the last five years to end December 2018. In

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oil market

How to position portfolios for potential future oil shocks

Reading time: 3 minutes The surge in oil prices following the recent attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities has once again highlighted the ongoing geopolitical supply risks facing this key global energy sector.  Going forward, this may well mean a risk premium could be added to oil prices even if the Saudis manage to restore

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Commodity ETFs – the easy way to add oil, gold or wheat to your portfolio

Reading time: 4 minutes Commodities are seen by many as one of the building blocks of a balanced portfolio. In basic terms, commodities are goods that are either grown, or dug out of the ground. They are often used as inputs in the production of other goods. Hard commodities are natural resources that are mined

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BetaShares Australian ETF Review – August 2019

Reading time: 3 minutes INDUSTRY CONTINUES GROWTH TRAJECTORY IN A TOUGH MONTH FOR SHARES In what was a tough month for equities, the Australian ETF industry continued to grow, and ended the month at an all-time high of $54.1B in funds under management (FuM), with a monthly market cap increase of 1.5% (+$784m). Read on

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