Global Market Outlook

Global Market Outlook: Property bounces

Month in Review Global equities enjoyed another good month in November, reflecting ongoing positive economic data and still relatively low global inflation and bond yields.  Prospects for a US tax cut also helped to buoy sentiment over the month, while geo-political risks – such as North Korea – remained contained. The MSCI All-Country Equity Index

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HACKED! The investment opportunity in the world’s fastest growing threat

Uber, the ride sharing company, was caught out last week after it was discovered they had paid US$100,000 to cybercriminals in October 2016, following the theft of 57 million customer and driver records worldwide. This has caused significant reputational damage to the company and clearly shows no company is safe from the ever increasing threat

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Hybrids: The importance of active management

Due to their attractive franked income returns, usually relatively low capital volatility, and ready availability through the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), hybrid securities have been a popular choice with Australian retail investors over recent years.  That said, while until recently investing in hybrids directly was the primary method available to investors, this note outlines the

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Far from middling performance: How the EX-20 Index has outshone small and large caps

Although the Australian sharemarket has delivered relatively sluggish performance in recent years, one standout area in terms of returns has been EX20 stocks, as broadly captured by the BetaShares Australian EX-20 Portfolio Diversifier ETF. Not only has this exposure outperformed the largest market-cap stocks in Australia, it has also outperformed smaller cap stocks.  This performance

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Exchange Traded Basics: ETF, Exchange Traded Managed Funds, ETP or Active ETF?

As every modern day citizen can well attest, we’ve experienced real advancements over recent years. Technology is one area, for example – with the iPhone being  a classic example: you now have access to multiple services such as connecting with your loved ones for a video chat, accessing almost every song ever recorded, monitoring your

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Abe’s Win: What does it mean for Japanese Equities?

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently called an early snap election, resulting in a resounding win for his party (the Liberal Democratic Party). Abe’s party now holds a two thirds majority, thereby establishing an extremely stable government, allowing for continuity and a continued focus on economic policy. Aside from maintaining ultra-loose monetary policy through ‘Abenomics’

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