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2 ways to potentially profit from rising food and petrol prices

If you’ve visited the supermarket or the petrol station recently, you’ve no doubt been unpleasantly surprised by the massive rise in prices. Between the ongoing war in Ukraine, supply chain problems and a recovering global economy, it seems economies have been hit by the perfect storm for inflation. So how can investors benefit from these price rises?

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Looking for income? Here’s an idea to consider

2022 has seen a significant pullback in sharemarkets around the world. On closer inspection, that pullback has not been an ‘across the board’ correction, with some parts of the market suffering more than others, and other, previously unloved parts, coming back into favour.
The establishment of new trends in the market generally presents opportunities,

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ETF distributions

ETF distributions – Answers to your 8 most frequently asked questions

This article was first published on 15 July 2020. It has been updated and republished due to investor demand.
At the beginning of each financial year, we typically receive many questions around distributions paid by ETFs. With the 21/22 financial year just a few weeks behind us,

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How to invest in the solar energy revolution

The demand for solar powered energy solutions is set to grow strongly in coming decades, reflecting both the urgent need to deal with climate change and solar’s rapidly improving cost competitiveness.
Investors can now consider the BetaShares Solar ETF (ASX Code: TANN), which provides exposure to a portfolio of leading companies that are making solar energy more accessible,

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Get Smart: How to boost your portfolio with Smart Beta

Investors should always ‘look under the hood’ of an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) before considering investment. Determining what assets a particular fund may hold can be as simple as looking at its name, or even its ticker! But what is typically less obvious is the method used to determine how much weight is given to each holding within a fund.

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How to invest in the future of food

Technological innovation is re-shaping every part of our lives, from how we work and entertain ourselves, to what and how we eat.
Given the rising global population, and improvements in living standards, demand for protein-rich and highly processed food is destined to continue to grow strongly. Yet meeting rising food demand through traditional ways has led to increased environmental,

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