Betashares Bitcoin ETF (1BTC) & Ethereum ETF (1ETH) are coming soon

Cryptocurrency exposure made easy

We’re excited to announce that launch of the Betashares Bitcoin ETF (1BTC) and the Betashares Ethereum ETF (1ETH) is not far away.*

1BTC and 1ETH will provide a convenient, cost-effective way to gain exposure to Bitcoin and Ether, without the complications of investing in cryptocurrency directly.

  • 1BTC and 1ETH are designed to make investing in cryptocurrency easy, by providing exposure to the two largest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ether, in the familiar ETF form.
  • The Funds will offer access to Bitcoin and Ether without the complications of investing in, and holding, cryptocurrency directly. Like all ETFs, they will be able to be bought and sold on exchange.

* Subject to final regulatory approval