Betashares launches new investing platform: Betashares Direct

For over a decade, Betashares has been helping Australians to financially progress.

As the next step in our journey, we’re launching Betashares Direct, a new investing platform designed to help you build wealth, your way.

Betashares Direct will initially allow self-directed retail investors to invest in any ETF traded on the ASX – whether from Betashares or other ETF managers – with zero brokerage and no account fees on ETF holdings.

Investors will also be able to automate their investing with “AutoPilot” by setting up recurring investments, investing in professionally constructed diversified portfolios, or building bespoke custom ETF portfolios, with low portfolio fees.

The Betashares Direct experience has been developed with a significant focus on making investing effortless – for example by offering streamlined, personalised performance and tax reporting to make investments simple to administer and manage.

The platform also provides access to Betashares’ expert-led investing insights and a deep library of educational materials to assist investors in making informed wealth creation decisions.

Betashares Direct opens for early access today. Betashares intends to significantly expand the functionality of the platform over time with a wide range of additional tools and features to assist Australian self-directed investors to better meet their financial goals.

Betashares is also actively exploring the development of financial adviser specific features to the platform, including a referral program to link investors with more complex needs to financial advisers.

Refer to the FAQs for information on interest retained by Betashares on cash balances.