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Aims to provide attractive and regular income distributions, combined with a high level of capital stability, expected to exceed income paid on cash and short-dated term deposits.

  • Assets are invested in a portfolio of senior floating rate bonds issued by Australian banks
  • Eligible bonds must have amounts outstanding of at least $500 million and a term to maturity of between 1 to 5 years
  • At least 80% of total portfolio weight allocated to bonds issued by the following eligible banks: ANZ Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank and Westpac (equally weighted)
  • Up to 20% of total portfolio weight allocated to bonds issued by the following eligible banks: AMP Bank, Bank of Queensland, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, Macquarie Bank, Members Equity Bank and Suncorp-Metway


  • Regular attractive income – income paid monthly, and expected to exceed income paid on cash and short-dated term deposits. Income expected to rise should interest rates rise and vice versa
  • Stability – historically Australian bank senior floating rate bonds have had a high level of capital stability, and limited capital variability during market declines
  • Diversification – floating rate bonds have historically exhibited low correlation to equities as well as defensive characteristics during market declines
  • Low cost – management costs of only 0.22% p.a.
  • Access – simple way to access a diversified portfolio of Australian bank senior floating rate bonds, inaccessible to most investors directly
  • Liquidity – available to trade on the ASX like any share, capital not locked up unlike term deposits

How to Invest

  • You can buy or sell units just like you’d buy or sell any share on the ASX
  • Fund requires no minimum investment


Pricing Information 20 September 2017

Current Price
Last Trade* $25.58
% Change (prev day) 0%
Bid (delayed) $25.58
Offer (delayed) $25.59
*Data is delayed by at least 20 minutes.
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NAV/Unit * $25.55
* As at 19 September 2017


Net Assets* ($A) $100,161,489
Units Outstanding* (#) 3,920,064
Mgmt Costs** (% p.a.) 0.22%
Distribution Frequency Monthly
Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) Full or partial participation available
Issuer BetaShares Capital Ltd
Fund Administrator RBC Investor Services
Custodian RBC Investor Services
Registry Link Market Services
Auditor KPMG
* As at 19 September 2017
**Certain additional costs apply. Please refer to PDS.

Trading Information

Bloomberg Code QPON AU
Trading Hours 10.00-16.00 (AEST)
Market Makers Deutsche Securities
SMSF Eligible Yes

Index Information

Index Solactive Australian Bank Senior Floating Rate Bond Index
Index Provider Solactive AG
Index Ticker N/A
Bloomberg Index Ticker SOLAUSFR Index
Index Methodology

Portfolio Characteristics

Running Yield (% p.a.)
Average coupon (weighted by market value) of the bonds in the portfolio, divided by the current market price of the bonds. Provides an indication of expected current income from making an investment at market price. This value will vary over time as interest rates change.
2.77 % p.a.
Yield to Maturity (% p.a.)
Total expected return from the bond portfolio, based on current bond prices and assuming no change in prevailing interest rates. This value will vary over time.
2.52 % p.a.
Average Maturity (yrs)
Average (weighted by market value) length of time until the current bonds in the portfolio mature.
4.24 yrs
Modified Duration (yrs)
A measure of the sensitivity of the portfolio’s value to a change in interest rates. For example, a Modified Duration of 0.15 years implies that a 1% rise in the reference interest rate will reduce the value of the portfolio by 0.15%.
0.13 yrs
Average Credit Rating
Average credit rating for the bonds in the portfolio. Source: Bloomberg

Sector Allocation

Australian Bank Senior Floating Rate Bonds


Fund Returns After Fees (%)

  Fund Index
1 month 0.24% 0.24%
3 months - 1.04%
6 months - 1.91%
1 year - 3.85%
3 year p.a - 3.40%
5 year p.a - 4.07%
Since inception (p.a) 1.14% 1.03%
Inception date 1-Jun-17 -
* As at 31 August 2017


Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Returns are calculated in Australian dollars using net asset value per unit at the start and end of the specified period and do not reflect brokerage or the bid ask spread that investors incur when buying and selling units on the ASX. Returns are after fund management costs, assume reinvestment of any distributions and do not take into account tax paid as an investor in the Fund. Returns for periods longer than one year are annualised. Current performance may be higher or lower than the performance shown.


Yield Information

Distribution Frequency Monthly
12 Mth Distribution Yield* (%) -
12 Mth Gross Distribution Yield* (%) -
Franking Level -
* As of close of previous trading day. Yield figures are calculated by summing the prior 12 month fund per unit distributions divided by the fund closing NAV per unit at quarter-end. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance

Recent Distributions

Ex Date Record Date Payment Date Distribution Unit ($) Annual Distribution Return (%) (1)
1-Sep-17 4-Sep-17 18-Sep-17 $0.04965 -
1-Aug-17 2-Aug-17 16-Aug-17 $0.04974 -
3-Jul-17 4-Jul-17 18-Jul-17 $0.04786 -
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