Investing for different life stages (webinar recap)

Your financial needs and goals change as you move through life.

A focus on growth when you’re young and have many years until retirement is likely to shift to an emphasis on capital preservation and income later in life.

Watch our webinar and hear from Roger Cohen, Senior Investment Specialist, and Alistair Mills, Portfolio Analytics and Adviser Business, as they consider different stages of life from an investment perspective. This webinar will explore different investment strategies and how you may consider aligning your investment portfolio with your current stage in life.

Investing for different life stages

This webinar covers:

  • How financial needs and goals change over time at different life stages
  • How to determine the investment strategy that is appropriate for your life stage
  • How ETFs can help investors at any stage of life reach their financial goals
  • Practical examples of ETFs that can support your investment strategy at each life stage

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