Now available on the ASX – Betashares Video Games and Esports ETF (ASX: GAME)

The Betashares Video Games and Esports ETF (ASX: GAME) is now available on the ASX.

GAME offers access to a portfolio of the world’s leading video gaming and esports companies, such as Activision Blizzard, Nintendo, Tencent Holdings and more.

Factors such as increases in digital distribution and cloud gaming are expected to improve the profitability of game developers and publishers, while gamers are increasingly using video games as social media platforms to engage with other users.

There are now around 3 billion gamers globally, of whom a full 2.5 billion play on their mobile devices*, with this number forecast to rise as more people go online and smartphone penetration rises.

*Newzoo, Global Games Market Report 2021


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