Still the lowest-cost Australian shares ETF

Betashares is proud to announce it is reducing the management fee on the Betashares Australia 200 ETF (ASX: A200) from 0.07% p.a. to 0.04% p.a. (or $4 for every $10,000 invested), effective from 22 February 2023. This means investors can continue accessing a diversified portfolio of Australia’s largest 200 companies in a single trade, with the world’s lowest cost Australian shares index ETF*.

Almost four years ago, A200 launched as the lowest cost Australian shares ETF on the ASX. In November 2020, A200 passed $1 billion in assets in record breaking time. Today, A200 has over $2.6 billion in assets under management. Betashares is proud to be leading the way in reducing the cost of investing, and ultimately, helping Australians build wealth.

We look forward to continuing to support Australian investors on their investment journey.

*Source: Bloomberg, based on expense ratios of Australian shares ETFs based in Australia or on overseas exchanges. Other costs, such as transaction costs, may apply. Refer to the PDS for more information.