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Two top risks for 2021 and ETFs that may benefit

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Eurasia Group (a world leader in political risk analysis), published their Top Risks of 2021 report on 4 January.
In their view, 2021 will overwhelmingly be about economic responses to Covid-19’s lingering effects (debt burdens and misaligned politics), even as vaccines are rolled out and the actual healthcare emergency fades.

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Behind the ticker: Apple's new opportunity in India

Behind the ticker: Apple’s new opportunity in India

Reading time: 2 minutes
The release of Apple’s new iPhone 12 and a recent change in the laws in India have combined to result in a potentially rewarding opportunity for the tech giant.
Apple is a significant holding in the portfolio of the BetaShares NASDAQ 100 ETF (NDQ),

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BetaShares’ top HACK for thematic investing

Reading time: 3 min
Earlier this month Symantec Corp., possibly the best-known name in cybersecurity, completed the sale of its Enterprise cybersecurity business, and the rights to the Symantec name, to Broadcom Inc. Symantec Corp., which makes Norton Antivirus, kept its consumer business but has rebranded as part of the deal,

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Has yield come at the expense of performance?

Have high yield stocks been a drag on your portfolio returns?

Australian investors have likely recently felt the effects of market volatility, which has put downward pressure on many large cap Australian companies that offer relatively high yields. For investors with a concentrated single stock portfolio, this recent performance trend highlights the danger of relying on a small number of high yield stocks for retirement portfolios.

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Abe’s Win: What does it mean for Japanese Equities?

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently called an early snap election, resulting in a resounding win for his party (the Liberal Democratic Party). Abe’s party now holds a two thirds majority, thereby establishing an extremely stable government, allowing for continuity and a continued focus on economic policy.
Aside from maintaining ultra-loose monetary policy through ‘Abenomics’ (confirmed in the Bank of Japan’s most recent meeting),

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ex20 blog post

Taking some eggs out of the basket: A case study on EX20

Whilst a number of Australian investors derive the majority of income from their share portfolios from the 20 largest companies on the ASX, there can be significant benefits to diversifying away from these shares and looking at the remaining 180 companies that make up the S&P/ASX 200 Index. Indeed, recent reductions in dividends and the sector concentration of those companies in the top 20,

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Core satellite investing with ETFs

How using core-satellite investing with ETFs can give you outperformance potential

Core-satellite investing is a portfolio construction approach that has been used by both institutional and individual investors overseas for many years now and is a topic we have touched on in the past, see here and here, for example.
There are many benefits to this approach, and with ETFs being an efficient tool to help investors employ the method across their portfolios,

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