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BetaShares ETF Model Portfolios can be a powerful tool for your advice practice

Select model portfolios that match your clients’ objectives and risk profiles
Save time on investment and manager selection as well as portfolio management
Reduce compliance burden and maintain investment rigour across all client segments
Reduce the costs of client portfolios
Free up time to engage with existing clients and win new ones.

What is an ETF Model Portfolio?

An ETF Model Portfolio is a carefully selected portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs) and other exchange traded products constructed and managed by a professional investment manager.

The investment manager typically also provides regular reporting on the portfolio’s performance, along with ongoing communication on changes to the portfolios, the rationale for doing so, and broader commentary on the micro and macro environment.

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Learn how ETF Model Portfolios
can help scale your business

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About BetaShares ETF Model Portfolios

BetaShares offers four series of model portfolios, each of which seeks to achieve capital growth and income streams through a careful blending of asset classes, including Australian and international equities, bonds, cash and commodities.

Our models are constructed using ETFs and other exchange-traded products, resulting in institutional-quality portfolios that are cost-effective, highly diversified, transparent, and simple to explain to clients.

Explore the series


Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA)
ETF Model Portfolios

Reviewed annually

Built using forward-looking 10-year expected returns and risk for a diversified range of major asset classes.


Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA)
ETF Model Portfolios

Reviewed quarterly

Utilise return/risk parameters from SAA, rebalanced quarterly based upon BetaShares’ modelling of asset class misvaluations, risk objectives and economic considerations.


Dynamic Income
Model Portfolios

Reviewed quarterly

Aim to produce total returns that are similar to the dynamic ETF models, but are weighted towards income rather than capital growth.


Pension Risk-Managed
Model Portfolios

Reviewed quarterly

Uses ETPs that aim to provide enhanced income returns and/or less volatile returns through a systematic risk-management overlay.

Risk profiles available

Each series is optimised to different risk profiles, so can be easily matched to the individual profiles of your clients. 


Long-run return aim

CPI + 1.5% p.a.


Long-run return aim

CPI + 2.25% p.a.


Long-run return aim

CPI + 3.25% p.a.


Long-run return aim

CPI + 4.0% p.a.

High Growth

Long-run return aim

CPI + 5.5% p.a.

BetaShares Dynamic Asset Allocation ETF Model Portfolios are available via SMAs on the below platforms:

Using BetaShares ETF Model Portfolios in your advice practice

Our models can be used in a number of ways, depending on the structure and style of your advice business. Examples include:

  • Outsourcing portfolio management and implementation

    Transitioning your entire investment management solution to ETF Model Portfolios can help:

    • Increase efficiency and maintain investment rigour
    • Reduce your compliance and administration burden
    • Reduce client portfolio costs
  • Client segmentation

    Differentiate your offering by providing ETF Model Portfolios to specific client segments. For example:

    • Use ETF Model Portfolios for clients with simpler advice needs, while allowing you to provide more bespoke portfolio management to clients with more complex needs.

Benefits of choosing BetaShares

  • 1

    Simple, consistent approach

    Match a BetaShares model to your client’s objectives and risk profile, without having to construct each portfolio from scratch.

  • 2

    Best of breed

    Products within each portfolio are selected on merit, and include funds from BetaShares as well as other managers.

  • 3


    Cost-effective ETFs and other exchange-traded products are used to construct our models, making them a competitively priced investment option.

  • 4

    Reduce compliance and administration burden

    If your clients invest in a BetaShares model via an SMA, regular portfolio rebalancing is done on your behalf without the need for ROAs.

  • 5


    BetaShares models can be used for a clients entire portfolio, or as a core.

  • 6

    High quality support

    Receive in-depth reporting, support tools, dedicated nationwide adviser services team and personalised service.

BetaShares adviser support

The full resources of BetaShares’ local team are available to provide you with support, including:

  • SMA product profiles

  • Monthly model portfolio factsheets

  • Detailed quarterly reports

  • Quarterly videos & webinars


About BetaShares

BetaShares is a leading manager of ETFs and other Funds that are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (‘ASX’).