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Robot Revolution

Robot Revolution: Is this the great global mega-trend of the 21st century?

Thanks to rapid technological advances, the global robotics and artificial intelligence (A.I.) sectors stand poised to significantly boost global economic productivity and redress worker shortages caused by population ageing over coming decades.  As this note will demonstrate, moreover, the robot revolution also offers the growth potential to reward investors who tap into this emerging global

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Hello 3%!

Week in Review It was a generally positive week for global stocks helped by a “Goldilocks” pattern of US economic data and hopes of renewed trade talks between the US and China.  Stocks rose and US 10-year bond yields once again broke through the “psychological” 3% level. On the data front, although headline August US retail

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Back to the bad old 1960s?

US Inflation: Back to the bad old 1960s?

With the US labour market tight and inflation starting to lift, one similar historical episode that has attracted investor attention, and which may be instructive for today’s market, relates to the late 1960s.  At that time US wage and price inflation started to lift quite quickly, which eventually led to higher interest rates and a

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Wage Worry

Week in Review Global equities were on the defensive last week reflecting rising trade tensions and a higher than expected US wage outcome. Contrary to hopes, no US-Canada trade deal was announced and instead Trump ratcheted up the trade angst by threatening more tariffs on China and hinting his next focus could be Japan. Meanwhile,

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Sticker shock?

Week in Review It was another positive week for global equities, with sentiment particularly buoyed by a US-Mexico trade deal. Sentiment eased somewhat by week’s end, however, given America’s negotiations with both Canada and China remained unresolved. In fact, Trump ended the week threatening to impose tariffs on another $200 billion of Chinese imports. Chances

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Tight oil supplies could fuel interest in energy stocks

Tight oil supplies could fuel interest in energy

With solid global demand and ongoing supply side disruptions, oil prices could well remain reasonably firm over the coming year. If so, there may be investment opportunities in energy related ETFs. In this post, I examine the dynamics of oil and investment opportunities further. Oil Market Appears Tight Since bottoming in early 2016, global oil

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Friendly Fed

Week in Review The key global highlight last week was the fact that Wall Street managed to touch new record highs on the back of reassuring comments from the Federal Reserve. Indeed, the S&P 500 lifted 0.9% last week, helped by a 0.6% rise on Friday following a speech by Fed chair Jerome Powell. Powell indicated

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Did China Blink?

Week in Review Turkey dominated the headlines for much of last week, with the fall out spilling over into emerging markets.  But the big news was late in the week with the announcement that China and the US would hold trade talks in Washington this week, which saw the the S&P 500 end the week

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