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Port in storm_hybrid sell off

Port in the storm? Hybrids performance during market sell-offs

Reading time: 4 minutes Hybrid securities last year again demonstrated their ability to hold up well in the face of equity market volatility. Hybrids: impressive risk-adjusted returns The Investment Manager of our Active Hybrids Fund (ASX: HBRD) recently wrote a post discussing the strong performance of the hybrids market last year.  Indeed, the index of

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Two or less?

Week in Review Confidence returned to global equities last week – after a modest pull back over the previous week – largely due to reassuring US economic data.  US retail sales rebounded nicely in January – after worrying softness in Q4 – while the US CPI also remained comfortably benign.  Lurking in the background is

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Global slowdown

Week in Review Last week saw the first decent pull back in global equity markets since the impressive V-shaped recovery began just after Christmas.  Growing uncertainty over when and if the US and China will actually conclude a trade deal weighted on sentiment, as did more concerns over slowing global economic growth.  Despite Trump’s ongoing

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Market Trends: March 2019

Reading time: 5 minutes Major Asset Classes* – Oz equities shine Australian equities were the best performing of our seven major asset classes in February, with good gains across several sectors.  Relief that the Hayne Royal Commission report recommendations were not as bad as feared for banks helped the financial sector, while growing talk of lower local

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Downbeat downunder

Week in Review It was a relatively subdued week on global markets with little in the way of major data or key news events. While hopes of an eventual US-China trade deal continues to underpin sentiment, an element of caution crept into markets last week following Trump’s decision to delay the March 1 deadline and

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Quality pays in late cycle

Why quality pays in late-cycle periods

Reading time: 3 minutes History suggests that so-called “quality” companies, i.e. those with a high return on equity (or “ROE”), tend to be able to produce market-beating shareholder returns over time.  As this note details, moreover, quality companies have tended to especially outperform in “late-cycle” market periods, as investors have tended to gravitate toward companies

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Deadline delayed

Week in Review It was another positive week for global equities thanks to still reasonably reassuring growth indicators, dovish Fed commentary and ongoing hopes with regard to US-China trade talks. The US S&P 500 Index lifted 0.6%, and broke above its previous key end-week closing high in early November last year (i.e before the December

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Buy the rumour

Week in Review It was another positive week for global stocks, as ongoing encouraging talk about progress in US-China trade talks remained the gift that keeps on giving.  Last week it was Trump’s announced willingness to extend the March 1 deadline that boosted sentiment.  It’s fair to say a positive trade deal now seems increasingly

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RBA to cut rates

Week in Review Global stocks were largely flat last week, with the main “new news” being concerns over progress in US-China trade talks – following President Trump’s revelation that the two leaders won’t meet again in person ahead of the March 2 “deadline” for a deal to be done or new tariffs would be imposed. 

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