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Announcement regarding distributions: The Fund intends to make monthly distributions for April, May and June 2022. See the ASX announcement here.

Fund Objective

OOO aims to track the performance of an index (before fees and expenses) that provides exposure to crude oil futures, hedged for currency movements in the AUD/USD exchange rate.

Fund Strategy

The index which OOO aims to track provides exposure to the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures, hedged for currency exposure.

The price of oil futures contracts is not the same as the “spot price” of oil. As such, OOO does not aim to, and should not be expected to, provide the same return as the performance of this spot price. The performance of an ETF that is linked to oil futures may be materially different to the performance of the spot price of oil itself. This is because the process of “rolling” from one futures contract to the next to maintain investment exposure can result in either a cost or benefit to the Fund, affecting returns. Please refer to the PDS for further information and you can view a more detailed Insights post related to this issue here.

The prices of futures contracts for subsequent periods is known as the ‘futures curve’. See the Resources section below for a link to the WTI Crude Oil futures curve, which indicates whether rolling into subsequent futures contracts will be at higher prices, which would tend to reduce Fund returns, or at lower prices, which would tend to increase Fund returns, assuming no change in the spot price for oil.


Benefits of OOO

Simple access to price of oil futures

Gain access to the performance of crude oil futures as simply as buying a share, without the complications and cost of investing in the futures market yourself or buying and storing physical commodities.

Portfolio diversification

As oil historically has shown a low correlation to other major asset classes, investing in OOO can help to diversify your portfolio.


Oil futures are priced in USD. Hedging against fluctuations in the USD/AUD means you have more ‘pure’ exposure to the price of oil futures.

How to Invest

  • You can buy or sell units just like you’d buy or sell any share on the ASX.
  • Fund requires no minimum investment.


Pricing Information 14 August 2022

Current Price
Last Trade* -
% Change (prev day) -
Bid (delayed) -
Offer (delayed) -
iNAV (live)**
iNAV stands for Indicative Net Asset Value. It provides an estimate of the net asset value of the Fund during the ASX trading day.
* Data is delayed by at least 20 minutes.
** As at 12 August 2022 04:29:59 PM
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NAV/Unit* $6.37
* As at 11 August 2022


Net Assets* ($A) $177,482,600
Units Outstanding* (#) 27,841,373
Mgmt Costs** (% p.a.) 0.69%
Distribution Frequency Annual
Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) Full or partial participation available
Issuer BetaShares Capital
Fund Administrator Citigroup Pty Limited
Custodian Citigroup Pty Limited
Registry Link Market Services
Auditor KPMG
* As at 11 August 2022
**Certain additional costs apply, including swap costs of ~0.5% to 0.8% p.a. Please refer to PDS.

Trading Information

Bloomberg Code OOO AU
Trading Hours 11.00-16.00 (AEST)

Index Information

Index S&P GSCI Crude Oil Index Excess Return (Hedged into A$)
Index Provider Standard and Poor's
Index Ticker N/A
Bloomberg Index Ticker SPGCCLP Index
Index Methodology

Sector Allocation

Crude Oil
* As of 31 July 2022


Fund Returns After Fees (%)

  Fund Index
1 month -4.06% -4.03%
3 months -0.20% 0.39%
6 months 24.19% 25.54%
1 year 51.82% 55.54%
3 year p.a -9.81% -0.23%
5 year p.a -3.39% 2.67%
Since inception (p.a) -12.87% -10.18%
Inception date 11-Nov-11 -
* As at 31 July 2022. *Note: Differences in the Fund's performance relative to the Index over one year and longer periods primarily reflect the temporary change made to the Fund's investment exposure from the front-month WTI crude oil futures contract to the three-month forward contract between 23 April 2020 and 4 August 2020, to reduce the risk to the Fund of the near-month futures contracts trading at negative prices given the unprecedented global oil market conditions evident during that period. See the Announcements section for further information regarding that change.


Chart Type
Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Returns are calculated in Australian dollars using net asset value per unit at the start and end of the specified period and do not reflect brokerage or the bid ask spread that investors incur when buying and selling units on the ASX. Returns are after fund management costs, assume reinvestment of any distributions and do not take into account tax paid as an investor in the Fund. Returns for periods longer than one year are annualised. Current performance may be higher or lower than the performance shown.


Yield Information

Distribution Frequency Annual
12 Mth Distribution Yield* (%) 36.9%
12 Mth Gross Distribution Yield* (%) -
Franking Level -
*As at 31 July 2022. Yield figures are calculated by summing the prior 12 month net and gross fund per unit distributions divided by the fund closing NAV per unit. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Recent Distributions

Ex Date Record Date Payment Date Distribution Unit ($) Annual Distribution Return (%) (1)
1-Jul-22 4-Jul-22 18-Jul-22 $1.29101 41.70%
1-Jun-22 2-Jun-22 17-Jun-22 $0.67703 43.51%
2-May-22 3-May-22 17-May-22 $0.48839 30.71%
1-Jul-21 2-Jul-21 16-Jul-21 $0.38372 29.60%
1-Jun-21 2-Jun-21 17-Jun-21 $0.42807 8.68%
3-May-21 4-May-21 18-May-21 $0.34141 8.60%
1-Apr-21 6-Apr-21 20-Apr-21 - -0.00%
1-Oct-20 2-Oct-20 16-Oct-20 - 1.08%
1-Apr-20 2-Apr-20 20-Apr-20 $0.05978 2.46%
2-Jan-20 3-Jan-20 17-Jan-20 $0.43081 8.50%
1-Oct-19 2-Oct-19 16-Oct-19 $0.44057 2.82%
1-Jul-19 2-Jul-19 16-Jul-19 $0.18211 0.90%
2-Jul-18 3-Jul-18 17-Jul-18 $0.26276 1.95%
1-Jul-15 3-Jul-15 20-Jul-15 $0.10469 0.18%
1-Jul-14 3-Jul-14 16-Jul-14 $0.76536 1.54%
2-Jul-12 4-Jul-12 17-Jul-12 $1.09475 -
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(1) This is the annual distribution return to the end of the relevant distribution date. The distribution return reflects the contribution to total investment return made by the Fund's distributions. It is calculated as the difference between total Fund return and NAV return. NAV return is the change in the Fund's NAV price. Total return is the NAV return plus reinvestment of all distributions back to the Fund. Past performance not indicative of future performance.


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