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piggy bank

Beyond the piggy bank: starting your child’s investment portfolio

Reading time: 4 minutes
When introducing children to money, parents typically are drawn to giving pocket money which is put into a piggy bank or perhaps deposited into one of the various bank accounts aimed at children.
However, with the cash rate well below 1%, and most savings accounts offering little more,

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Why it pays to buy quality Australian companies

Reading time: 4 minutes
Globally, evidence has long suggested that so-called ‘quality’ companies i.e. those able to maintain a consistently high return on equity, without undue leverage, tend to be able to produce good shareholder returns over time.
Indeed, none other than the famed investor Warren Buffett has identified these as key metrics he considers when picking stocks.

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when the Fed starts hiking, look to quality

When the Fed starts hiking, look to quality

Reading time: 3 minutes
Financial theory suggests that rising interest rates hurt stock valuations due to a rise in the equity risk premium, and therefore an increase in the discount rate used to assess future cash flows.
With the U.S. Federal Reserve indicating a period of rising rates to assist in curbing inflation,

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Tips to better shape your figures

Health and wealth management: 4 tips to better shape your figures

Reading time: 3 minutes
Investing has a lot in common with maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine.
A few common sense tips apply to both: diversify, be consistent, look out for fads, avoid extreme measures, keep emotions in check and think long term.
There’s also a staggering variety of strategies and decisions: Take the lift or the stairs?

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Apple v apples

Property vs. sharemarket – the age-old debate

Reading time: 7 minutes
Whilst interest rates are at record lows and are likely to remain there for several years based on Reserve Bank governor Phillip Lowe’s commentary1, should you be taking advantage of the current market environment by investing in property or investing in the sharemarket?

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Multi-coloured puzzle pieces

Build better portfolios with asset allocation (Webinar recap)

Reading time: 2 minutes
Asset allocation can help diversify your portfolio and assists to make it more resilient to changing market conditions.
Our recent webinar with Director of Adviser Business, Blair Modica, went back to basics to explain how ETFs work, and how they may be used to diversify your portfolio.

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diversified etfs

Diversified ETFs: An easy all-in-one investment solution

Reading time: 3 minutes
Thanks to their ability to provide exposure to a range of asset classes, it has long been possible to build a low-cost diversified portfolio using only a handful of exchange traded funds (ETFs).  But the innovation does not end there: it’s now possible to get a diversified portfolio –

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