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Apple v apples

Property vs. sharemarket – the age-old debate

Reading time: 7 minutes
Whilst interest rates are at record lows and are likely to remain there for several years based on Reserve Bank governor Phillip Lowe’s commentary1, should you be taking advantage of the current market environment by investing in property or investing in the sharemarket?

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Real assets - more than just property

Real assets – more than just property

Reading time: 3 minutes
Imagine this…
As coach of the Australian rugby team, you pick your biggest and toughest players heading into the World Cup. Fortunately, the current crop are some of the best Australia has seen. That said, they are a big bunch of lads, so will require regular interchanges to make the most of their bulldozing abilities throughout the matches.

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Answers to your most-asked webinar FAQs

Reading time: 3 minutes
A large audience dialled into the latest of our fortnightly ‘Virus Crisis’ webinars last week. We received many questions from those who attended. David Bassanese, BetaShares Chief Economist, has provided responses to some of the most-asked questions by attendees.
1. You mentioned V,

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Multi-coloured puzzle pieces

Build better portfolios with asset allocation (Webinar recap)

Reading time: 2 minutes
Asset allocation can help diversify your portfolio and assists to make it more resilient to changing market conditions.
Our recent webinar with Director of Adviser Business, Blair Modica, went back to basics to explain how ETFs work, and how they may be used to diversify your portfolio.

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