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Congratulations to Jack Morgan | BetaShares $5000 Student Grant Winner

Congratulations to CQ University student, Jack Morgan, winner of the BetaShares ETF Student Grant for 2021.
Jack’s winning submission for an Ethical Diversified High Growth Cryptocurrency ETF (exchange code: DCCF) stood out for its unique design as an ‘all-in-one’ investment solution, with a clear target market in mind.
His fund submission strategically tapped into potential long term trends,

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20 Years of ETFs

[Infographic] 20 years of ETFs on the ASX

The number of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) available on the ASX has grown from just two in 2001 to over 220 in 2021.
In just two decades, we’ve seen remarkable growth of choice across almost every asset class, including the emergence of exciting new themes within the technology and climate change space,

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