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Has yield come at the expense of performance?

Have high yield stocks been a drag on your portfolio returns?

Australian investors have likely recently felt the effects of market volatility, which has put downward pressure on many large cap Australian companies that offer relatively high yields. For investors with a concentrated single stock portfolio, this recent performance trend highlights the danger of relying on a small number of high yield stocks for retirement portfolios.

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Robot Revolution

Robot Revolution: Is this the great global mega-trend of the 21st century?

Thanks to rapid technological advances, the global robotics and artificial intelligence (A.I.) sectors stand poised to significantly boost global economic productivity and redress worker shortages caused by population ageing over coming decades.  As this note will demonstrate, moreover, the robot revolution also offers the growth potential to reward investors who tap into this emerging global

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Back to the bad old 1960s?

US Inflation: Back to the bad old 1960s?

With the US labour market tight and inflation starting to lift, one similar historical episode that has attracted investor attention, and which may be instructive for today’s market, relates to the late 1960s.  At that time US wage and price inflation started to lift quite quickly, which eventually led to higher interest rates and a

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Bracing for volatility

Bracing for Volatility?

The last few years have certainly been fruitful for some investors in the international space, with most markets showing meaningful gains. The future, however, may hold more uncertainty, with quantitative tightening and heightened geopolitical risks anticipated as we look ahead. In years gone by the response to failing markets and economies was that of fiscal

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Tight oil supplies could fuel interest in energy stocks

Tight oil supplies could fuel interest in energy

With solid global demand and ongoing supply side disruptions, oil prices could well remain reasonably firm over the coming year. If so, there may be investment opportunities in energy related ETFs. In this post, I examine the dynamics of oil and investment opportunities further. Oil Market Appears Tight Since bottoming in early 2016, global oil

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