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ETF Awards 2017

BetaShares wins “ETF Fund Manager of the Year”

For the second year in a row, BetaShares has been awarded “ETF Manager of the Year” at the 2017 Professional Planner & Zenith Fund Manager Awards. The Awards bring together the acknowledged quality of Zenith’s investment research capabilities with the leading independent publication in the financial planning space to recognise sustained excellence in the area

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Invest in international markets using ETFs

Going global: investing in international markets

A question I often ask my adviser clients is how they’re investing in international markets. The answers vary, with the majority of advisers using managed funds or ETFs and some of these also investing in specific stocks on global exchanges. Once we have discussed the how, my next question is what sort of exposures they

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BetaShares awarded ETF Fund Manager of the Year by Professional Planner & Zenith Investment Partners

BetaShares is proud to have been awarded the 2016 ‘ETF Fund Manager of the Year’ at the Professional Planner | Zenith Fund Awards held on October 7th 2016. The awards are based on Zenith’s renowned fund manager review and rating process that focuses on nine key aspects of a fund manager’s philosophy, process and people.

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Why U.S. financial planners are turning to the ETP Model Strategist

Having recently moved to Australia from the U.S to join BetaShares., I’ve noticed many similarities between the financial industries in both countries. Particularly I’ve noticed: the increase in compliance and reporting obligations that Financial Planners must now meet; and growing investor demand and interest in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) – which I personally find very

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Using ETFs to generate efficient after-tax outcomes

At this time of the year many investors and their advisers are focused on ensuring they implement the most tax efficient strategies in order to take advantage of any benefits or deductions before the end of the financial year.  This post details an important but often underappreciated benefit that exchange traded funds (ETFs) can offer

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