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Research and Whitepapers

Read the latest research and whitepapers from BetaShares, for detailed insight into industry trends, investment education and product information.

  • ETFs vs managed funds - A guide for investors by BetaShares
  • Investment & Trading Strategies with BetaShares ETFs
  • Understanding ETF Liquidity
  • Whitepaper | Alpha from Beta - Using ETFs to Generate Outperformance
  • Whitepaper | Strategies for Managing Risk in Retirement
  • BetaShares Investor Insight | ETFs: The Basics
  • Whitepaper | What makes fundamental indexing work?
  • Whitepaper | How to trade ETFs
  • Whitepaper | The How and Why of Investing in Agriculture
  • Whitepaper | Gold as part of a balanced investment portfolio
  • Introduction to BetaShares
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