Chamath De Silva, Author at BetaShares

Bond Basics Part II: DIY or bond funds?

Should you hold individual bonds and “do it yourself” or a diversified bond fund/ETF? One commonly held belief in investing is that holding individual bonds entails less risk than bond funds, due to the return of principal at maturity. Is this correct? If so, does it matter? Ultimately, it depends on the role bonds play

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Portfolio Diversification II: The importance of fine-tuning

Last year I addressed the concept of portfolio diversification and how we can assess it quantitatively through the use of return correlations. Just to recap: Correlation refers to the strength of the co-movement between two assets or portfolios (ranging from -1.0 or perfect negative correlation to +1.0 or perfect positive correlation) Diversification benefits – where

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Time is on my side – equities for the long run

We all know the equity market has its ups and downs. Bullish runs are often interrupted by sharp corrections or extended bearish periods, even amid little change in fundamentals. With so much ‘noise’, how should investors be thinking about their equity investments? I studied the historical data to try to get some answers about longer

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