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Market downturns and the 3 bears

The volatility and declining performance of the markets over the last few weeks have certainly put some investors on edge and have been a timely reminder that, just as markets were kind to investors last year, and by and large trended up, markets can indeed go down. Given the recent volatility,

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Abe’s Win: What does it mean for Japanese Equities?

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently called an early snap election, resulting in a resounding win for his party (the Liberal Democratic Party). Abe’s party now holds a two thirds majority, thereby establishing an extremely stable government, allowing for continuity and a continued focus on economic policy.
Aside from maintaining ultra-loose monetary policy through ‘Abenomics’ (confirmed in the Bank of Japan’s most recent meeting),

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Global ETFs

Banking on growth? A review of our International Sector ETFs

It’s been over 12 months since BetaShares launched a range of ETFs providing Australian investors with exposure to portfolios of sector specific global companies in a single ASX trade.
This suite of funds has been well received by our investors as a simple and low-cost way to access specific investment themes and sectors.

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Investing profitably with a conscience – ethical or mythical?

Current investors have never had more choice when it comes to investment opportunities, but with all this choice there’s always been one common objective – and that is to make a profit.
But what if you, as an investor, were able to make that profit by investing in companies or organisations which marry their commercial aims with sustainable,

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Reflections of a technology addict

Hi, my name is Mai Platts, BetaShares Account Manager – Adviser & Institutional Business, and I am addicted to technology. It took me a while to admit it, however here it is, in this very public forum. I am not ashamed to say that if I am given a choice, you’ll find me waving my phone in the air in the manner of a possessed windmill to get a mobile signal before I resort to using the Gregory’s map which I’m sure,

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