Get your start in investing using ETFs

While starting an investment portfolio can be daunting to some, ETFs can be a great way for beginners to gain access to the sharemarket.

As ETFs can often provide exposure to a diversified portfolio, this means a novice investor will not have to concern themselves with the difficulties of researching and picking individual stocks. Also, because you can get exposure to a large number of stocks in a single trade through a number of ETFs, they also reduce the risk associated with concentrated portfolios.

Best of all, ETFs can be bought or sold on the sharemarket just like any share, so all you need to do to start investing is to sign up with a stockbroker and then invest using the ASX code associated with the relevant BetaShares Fund. For more on the basics of ETFs themselves, see “ETFs for Beginners”.

Build a core

One of the easiest ways to get started in shares is to invest in a diverse portfolio. BetaShares has a number of products that provide access to broad market indices – meaning investors can ‘buy the market’ in a single trade. For example, the BetaShares FTSE RAFI Australia 200 ETF (ASX: QOZ)  provides exposure to approximately 200 of the most important shares on the Australian sharemarket.

If you would also like to add global shares to your portfolio you can go one step further and invest in the world via the BetaShares Managed Risk Global Share Fund (ASX: WRLD) which provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of global shares.

Get specific

An ETF portfolio does not have to be basic or boring – in fact, investors can access some of the most exciting global growth companies, regions and sectors using exchange traded products.

For example, exposure to some of the world’s most revolutionary companies such as FaceBook, Amazon or Google can be accessed through the BetaShares Nasdaq 100 ETF (ASX Code: NDQ). 

BetaShares also offers a range of products offering exposure to growth themes such as Cybersecurity and Global Healthcare, for investors who want to easily obtain exposure to some of the leading sectors globally.

If you’re wanting to get a start with investing, our website has a range of resources and tools which aim to ‘get you up the curve’ quickly. Check out the suggested articles on this page, and make sure you view the BetaShares Academy articles in the Insights section on our website which provides you with some of the ETF basics. If you’d rather talk to someone to find out more – feel free to call our Client Services team on 1300 487 577.